Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday!


On Thursdays, I post about the things I am Thankful for.

This week, I've had some "Oh my gosh SERIOUSLY?!? moments." Just random things that have been stressful for tiring. Still, I'm Thankful Through Thursday!

I'm thankful for friends (old and new), and readers of my blog (old and new).

When my students sarcastically state "Oh. Yea. Another assignment. Yippie," I am thankful that I have a job. A good job. A job I love.

When my son continually tries to eat markers, I am thankful for an exploring, thriving, growing boy whose not scared of the unknown and rather, just wants to taste it all!

When I'm struggling for daycare expenses, I am thankful that I have help and support in the shape of loving, non-judgemental parents.

When my daughter resists bedtime, I am thankful that she is happy and healthy and enjoys life so much that she doesn't want to take the time to rest.

When my car makes that obnoxious clicking noice every time I start it, I am thankful that I have nice things, even if they're not brand spankin' new.

When my kids fight over something, I am thankful that they are close in age and will grow up together, learning respect and caring and patience along the way.

When Jeremy works late, I am thankful that he has a job and that we are working towards bigger and better things. When he doesn't work late, I'm thankful for gourmet food on the table!
When I stub my tow SO bad that the nail bends back (ewww), I am thankful that... um, that I have toes? Ok, that's a tough one...
When things don't go as planned, I am thankful. Because how boring would that be, anyway?
What are you thankful for this fine Thursday? Serious or comical... share with me! Head on over to to comment or link up!