Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010!

Ok, yes this post is about Easter. But... it is now Monday, and I have just had a wonderful evening with my kids, and have to share this:
Lilly watches cartoons while I give Zac a bath. It's just the best and easiest way - she refuses to bathe with him since he splashes like crazy, so it works for us.
After his bath, I get him all "buttered up" with oil and lotion and butt cream, and into nice warm pj's. At this point I usually pick him up, turn off the light, tell him (oh, maybe 100 times or so) how much I adore him, and plop him into bed. Tonight though, I picked him up and had barely started declaring my love when he wiggled right out of my arms. I let him down and watched him hightail it out of his room. Curious, I followed him. Without hesitation, he walked right up to Lilly and waved at her (usually, she says goodnight and that she loves him before bath. Thinking back, I had forgotten that step tonight). She, without hesitation, said goodnight and then put her hand up and said "high five!" He completed the high five, they hugged, and she went back to her show while he walked right past me and back into his bedroom.
It. Was. Classic.
No matter how hectic or long or tiring my day is... I know I am so lucky with these two kids!

Ok, on to Easter!
This year, I got to go to sunrise mass with my parents. It was so lovely. Maybe next year I'll think about taking the kids, but this year it was just us and I loved it.
A bonus was that my parents had picked me up and so after mass I got to jog home. An early morning jog offered a perfect continuation of prayer and reflection, and I appreciated every minute of it.

Then, it was time for Easter to begin! I made a pull-a-part breakfast pastry, and we discovered that the Easter bunny had paid us a visit!
Lilly and Zac each got a little basket with some toys and plastic eggs. Lilly had jelly beans...
... and Zac had animal crackers...

Next, it was time for the egg hunt!

We played and hung out for a while, then it was off to grandma and grandpa's house! More baskets!

This is the ONLY picture of my mom I have from the night :(

Shyla loved her basket too!
Aren't they just the cutest family?And I like this pic of my sis, dad and I too!
Finally, it was time for another egg hunt!

Isn't Lilly's dress adorable? Grandma and Grandpa Yager sent it for her birthday, and I hid it so that she wouldn't wear it until Easter! ha!
My sweet kids...
And our attempt at getting a picture of all 3!
So... there actually were other people there, but I did not take pictures of anything except the basket opening and egg hunting. It was SO good to see my grandparents and their friends, my aunt Nannette and uncle Pete, aunt Sherry and cousin Megan, and good friends Jeannette and Aaron. We had such fun, yummy food, and lots of laughs.


lady of leisure said...

Those kids are so cute and so lucky with their multiple Easter baskets! And I think Zac looks like a little man with is polo shirt.

Natalie said...

That story is classic. I love that they love each other. It also shows that children really do seek routine in their lives. It makes them feel safe.

This pull-apart breakfast pastry sounds interesting. Do share the recipe at some point.

Also, are you aware that you are raising a 12 year old boy? Should I expect an invitation for Zac's 8th grade graduation in the mail soon?

Suzanne said...

Is everyone teasing you for polos? Soren wears them too, and he looks like his daddy. Too bad we don't have as many choices for boys: polos, tees, or button-downs, which Soren refuses to wear at all, "Too big!" What a great time it looks like you all had and you are so lucky to have family so close. Mine had to go home last week. :( Can I borrow yours?

Tessa Riley said...

That story is awesome. It is for stories that those that why I want 4 kids. You cannot beat the relationship between siblings. Thanks for warmed my heart and I needed a little of that tonight =) Hope to get to see you soon!!

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