Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Through Thursday!

One of the {many} things I'm thankful for this week, is watching my children teach each other.
Lilly teaches Zackary a lot. He is always watching her and imitating what he sees.
This week, I asked if they wanted to take a bath together. At first, she didn't want to because she hates {HATES} getting splashed. At all. Always has.
Zac, however, loves {LOVES} splashing. But, I told her that I thought he would be good and not splash her. Really not sure what gave me that crazy idea, but she went for it, so in we went... and she taught him to splash himself, but not her!

Here comes the great part... ready for it...

After a little bit of washing and playing, he spashed her a little, and she grinned... next thing I knew they were both {yes, BOTH} splashing like crazy. Laughing and splashing and laughing some more.

He taught her to enjoy a little water play!

I didn't get a good picture of the splashing because there was so much water... plus, I was enjoying the moment.
Another funny story - Zac has had to have eye drops this week. A kid in his class had pink eye, and Zac's eye started getting a little goopy {yes, that's the technical term}, so we got drops mostly as a precaution.
Lilly used to get some eye infections. We would get the drops, take a deep breath, and hold her down, squeeze as much as we could into her thrashing face and hope a drop or so made it to her eye. Needless to say, I was thrilled at the prospect of doing this with Zac.
So, I took a deep breath, laid him down, and got one drop in eye one before he could react. YES!
He blinked.
And looked up at me.
So, I tried for eye two.
You know that thing you do when you know you have to have an eye drop? Where your reflexes are trying to close your eye but you know it should stay open, so it's mostly open and you're really, really trying? Yep, that's what my 15 month old did! 3 days of drops, and he kept his darned eyes open every time. A couple times he even giggled right after the drop went in, then opened for more. Who does that?
Zac does.
He also brings his sister all her toys. And other people too - if he sees something that he thinks is yours, he'll bring it to you, even if he really wants to play with it. Then, he'll probably ask me for more eye drops or something equally uncomfortable and invasive.
And not to leave Lilly out... she has been doing so well with bedtime, but she still usually comes out once or twice and asks for something. Water, bathroom, maybe a book or toy. I accommodate her and then get her back to bed. Everytime she starts with "I need help with something," which is code for "I need an excuse to get up." No worries, I play along a time or two and then she is out.
Tonight, on "take 2" she came out and said {and I quote}, "Mommy. I need something with help."
I asked her to repeat herself and got the same "I need something with help." I asked if she meant that she needed help with something, and I got the cutest little sheepish grin and "yeah... that were silly!"
Ahhh kids say {and do} the darndest things! And I'm thankful for every last one of them.
One more sidenote... happy Tax Day! Are you done with your taxes? I am! Mailed them in quite a while ago in fact. Have I gotten my {sizeable} refund yet, you ask? NO! Why, you ask? Because I'm a moron who didn't notice that my account number for direct deposit was missing one digit. Our tax guy says they'll figure it out and mail me a check. I'm pretty sure that the money has been deposited into some stranger's account and they have already spent the money on something stupid. Or, something not stupid that I want. Like shoes. Beautiful, high heeled, pointy shoes that are on someone elses feet. argh!
At least Starbucks is giving free coffee today if you bring in a refillable mug. Did you know that? If not... GO! Go now! I'll be there, for sure! Good thing it's free, too, since some stranger with a funny short account number has all my money!


Suzanne said...

I wish I could say I got your mine, to pay mine! Yes, we are owers, and they SUCKED the money out of the account yesterday. Sigh....

LOVE the bathtime stories! Your kids melt my heart.

Happy Starbucks Day to you too, and I am thankful for you and Kendra and helping me in that arena today!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Cute stories... and I love {these} too!

Natalie said...

I have many thing to say. A list seems appropriate:
1) Yeah Lilly! See, bath splashing can be fun.
2) We sometimes have to put antihistamine drops in Spencer's eyes. Our doctor told us to have him lay down and close his eyes. Then we put the drop on the inner corner. When he opens his eyes (still laying down) the drops just roll in. Works like a charm. Although you don't need this advice since Zac is a champ.
3)I am not happy about our tax situation. No refund and in fact we owe.
4) I made Spencer go to Starbucks with me at like 4 pm just to get the free coffee. I didn't actually really want it but who would pass up free starbucks?

Evelyn said...

Love the bath stories!!! The pics are priceless!

Laura said...

This was sooo nice to read, it made my heart happy after a really tough week. I loved the pics of Zac and Lilly in the bath together - they are soo cute!

Stephanie said...

We have those same bath letters and that same bath cup. :)