Sunday, April 18, 2010

My apologies

It has been brought to my attention that Jeremy took the last bath pictures, rather than me. I wrote that I didn't get a good splashing picture, when in fact I should have given him credit for photography.
My sincere apologies.
Along those same lines, here is a good splashing picture from tonight.
Jeremy posed with both kids after bath as well.

It is never my intention to leave out any of the "big people" ... the camera just seems to focus better on the kids!
On another note, I have some really exciting "bloggy news" coming up very soon. I'm not gonna share yet, but I will give you 2 hints.
1. Things will change and also not change.
2. There may be treats involved.
Stay tuned!


Natalie said...

Hmmm. I'm intrigued by the upcoming bloggy news.

Why can't adults get pajamas that are as cute as kid pj's? Both Lilly and Zac have adorable pj's.

P.S. Spencer wants to hug Lilly at Sara's party this weekend.

Jess said...

1. Good taste in PJ's for Zak, Cain has the same ones.

2. I can't believe how much Lilly looks like her dad! We hardly see him at work, but you can definitely see it here!

3. Bath time looks like fun at your house!

Suzanne said...

Okay, my guess:
1) Your blog template is going to change and you're going to start ads?
2) You are going to do GODIVA chocolate giveaways?
Yeah, I got it right? Can I win the first chocolate, today?

Cute photos!

Erin :) said...

Ahhhh, the suspense is killing me, I must know!! I will be checking back freakishly often to see what the blogable change is = ) Hope you have a splashing good week!