Thursday, October 8, 2009

One happy mommy!

I'm sitting here reflecting on my life and how lucky I am. The kids are happy and healthy and changing every day in such wonderful ways.
Lilly is absolutely rocking her potty training! She has had accidents, certainly, but has had two completely dry days in a row now. Even better, she has started telling us ahead of time that she needs to go, and really taking the responsibility on herself to go to the bathroom. We help her get undressed and redressed and wash hands, etc., but she is doing just great. She also had dry naps and refuses to wear a pull-up during that time, even though my intention was to have her wear one for naps and bedtime. At night, she is fine putting one on, and she goes potty very quickly after waking up.
Mario (who works with my mom) and his beautiful little girls gave Lilly this princess chair. She loves it! Thanks Mario!
Zac is doing awesome as well. Actually, he was kinda sick at daycare yesterday, so I kept him home with me today. It didn't take long for me to decide that he had faked being sick so he could stay home. Where does a 9 month old learn this?!? Ha ha... the point is that he felt so much better today, so we got to have some mother-son bonding time, which was awesome. We went to the zoo first. The weather was great, and I even had him in a little jacket. He was loving it!
This is my attempt at a shot of both of us with the elephant. Not bad!
And here he is looking for the tiger. Roar!
After the zoo, we went to the mall. Zac talked me out of buying a much needed but too expensive pair of pants, then it was play time! Again, he loved it! Seriously... does he look sick to you?
After the mall he took a very long nap, then was happy and playing all evening as well. It was great to have some time with just my little man!
Finally, a picture of my beautiful neice Shyla. Isn't she getting big too?!? Simply amazing....


Suzanne said...

Zac is doing so well standing! Is he walking now too? What a pro! Congrats out to Lilly on her potty training! I've been thinking of her! I'm sure glad you got a Mom and Son Day together over the break, something that will be hard to find normally. :) I hope you're enjoying the rest of it!

Natalie said...

Shyla looks like a beauty queen with a sash over her!

Glad the potty training is going well. I'm going to have 8,000 questions for you once we start, so take notes.