Friday, October 30, 2009

It's the Lilly & Daddy Shoooowwwww

Sing the title to the tune of "Itchy and Scratchy" from The Simpsons... that's how I pictured it. Anyhow, this post is mostly about Lilly & Jeremy carving those pumpkins that Lilly picked out last weekend. I was in charge of Zac and the camera.
First, they drew faces on the pumpkins.

Then they cut the head off and looked inside. This, obviously, was hilarious!
Then they explored and played with the guts.

Next they had to make sure the guts were all out.
TaDa! A masterpiece!
The next night they did the same, but with the other pumpkin. I especially like this picture because Lilly and Jeremy are twinsies.

We can't leave Zac out completely. He hasn't been feeling too good. In fact, he got sent home from school on Wednesday after throwing up and just feeling miserable. We were lucky that Rob was available and so very willing to pick him up and take care of him for the rest of the day, plus all day on Thursday. Thanks Rob! Anyhow, he got really cold after his bath one night so I put this robe on him. I think this is the first time either of my kids have worn a robe after bath! This will be one of those pictures that he will hate when he's older. Sorry Zacky! I think it looks smart.

Also, the kids got a "care package" from grandma and grandpa Yager yesterday. Lilly was so excited to open it! Zac mostly tried to eat it.

Opening the presents is half the fun with you're little, huh?
Lilly got two super cute wintery dresses and Zac got a sweatshirt and a couple pairs of warm pants. They both are definitely in need of winter clothes, so that was great! Thanks grandma and grandpa!
Lilly, of course, choose one of her new dresses to wear today, then made a super goofy face while I took a picture. What a ham!
Sorry it's been a while between posts. This week has been hectic to say the least. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween - I'll be posting pics of that for sure!


Becca - Our Crazy Boys said...

SO cute!! Isn't it fun watching them carve pumpkins?

lady of leisure said...

Poor Zac - he seems to have been sick a lot lately, hope he is feeling better for Halloween! Tyler has that same robe and has yet to wear it either.

Suzanne said...

Cute, cute pics! We didn't put much trust in Soren this year to work on the pumpkin, as he always wants to help with cleaning the house and will take the tool right out of one's hand!

I hope Zac is feeling better this weekend. Great to see you all last night!

Natalie said...

I love Lilly's winter dress. She looks so cute and grown up. I hope that the picture of Zac in the robe goes into his 8th grade yearbook.

GMA GPA said...

Zac was just missing the pipe! Ha Ha! We love the robe and he looks so cute in it.
Jeremy and Lilly really know how to carve a pumkin! Good Job!!!