Sunday, October 11, 2009

Firsts & milestones...

With young kids, every day contains at least one first or one milestone. Here are a few of ours as of late...
1. Zac now stands on his own. He is a little excited about it!

He also walks if he can find anything to hold onto and push. Frequently, this means a dining room chair or, better, Lilly's princess chair. The funny thing is that it goes so fast that he ends up running, then it crashes into a wall and he falls. every. time. Ha!
2. Lilly had 4 and 1/2 completely dry, accident free days! She ended her steak with an accident today, but one that was pretty much expected, then more success after. She is on a roll! No pictures with this one though.

3. Lilly went to a birthday party for her friend today. Notice I said "her friend." Not a friend of mine who has a kid and we call them friends. Not even a friend of mine who has a kid and so they are friends. But a friend she made all by herself! This, in my book, is a milestone.

So has been looking forward to "A's" birthday party for 2 weeks. It was ALL she could talk about! I'm going to try to not use her name and black out her pic, just because (as I mentioned) I don't really know "A" or how her parents would feel about her being blogged. You just never know.
Anyhow, A was one of the first friends Lilly made at her school. We were SO excited to get the invitation!
Rob came over to babysit for Zac until Jeremy got home from work. Here, he is helping Lilly get ready.

And she is ready! She was so good about helping pick out and wrap A's birthday presents. I was wondering if she would think they were hers, but she really seemed to get it!
These two screamed and ran around and played for the entire time! It was SO cute to see Lilly with HER friend playing HER way. I really just sat back and watched. It was truly amazing. A is a very cool girl, and they are obviously very good friends! Does blacking out the eyes help? ha!

Ahhh the cake! I love that this pic looks like she is digging into the entire cake. I swear she's not - there is a small (well, smallER than the entire cake) piece hiding behind the big one!
A's birthday party is also where Lilly had her first accident since last Tuesday which, as I mentioned, didn't surprise me. She is still new at this and she was so distracted and having so much fun... needless to say I had come prepared with towels and clean panties/shorts, so we were good to go. She was bummed out just for about as long as it took us to clean her up and get changed, then she was just fine and ready to play! She had more successes this evening, so hopefully it wasn't a huge setback!

4. Zac can now participate in our dance parties! I swear he was having more fun than this picture looks like he was. Until now, he's pretty much just watched, but lately he's been getting into it. Lilly and daddy, of course, are professional dance partiers.

And, Lilly making a funny face is not a first, nor a milestone, but it's cute!

My grandparents are back from Michigan now (yippie yippie horray!) and I am so looking forward to seeing them tomorrow! That, plus running in the am with my sis and lunch with my good friend Jeannette mean that I am looking very forward to an awesome day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

too cute more dancing pic

Liz said...

And you get to hang out with me too!!! You are in for a dun week!

Love the eye black! I think you need to start carrying release forms for parents to sign now that Lilly has her own friends... so you don't get sues and all. LOL!!

Liz said...

Sorry... That would be "fun"

so need to start proof reading!! ;)

lady of leisure said...

Firsts and milestones are so exciting!! Wow, Zac will be walking all by himself in no time!

Suzanne said...

Great photos and looks like great fun! I am so glad to hear about Lilly's first official friend parry too! They are growing up so quickly!

Your Mom said...

Gosh my grandkids are growing up sooo quickly! Love all the pictures!

Becca said...

I love all of the pictures! Dance parties sound like so much fun... we'll have to try them here!

Have fun at lunch today!

Kendra Forgacs said...

Yo! Good post, sister! LOVE Lilly's t-shirt and I'm glad she had a good time at the party and I'm glad Zac was finally invited to the dance party (Shyla and I assume our invite was lost in the mail). BTW - good run this morning! I love you!

GMA GPA said...

You Rock Zac! Standing today . . . President tomorrow!!!
Lilly looks so cute and proud with her new friend - Love the pictures!
Welcome to the Dance Club Zac!
Jeremy and Lilly sure can tear up the dance floor!