Sunday, October 4, 2009

3...3...3 posts in one!

Wow! 3 posts in one day!
POST #1 - Potty training! Lilly has officially begun potty training. Like, the serious kind. Where she is wearing pull-ups only to sleep. Otherwise, panties only. Let's let that sink in a little.... yeah.
We have had accidents and successes, but all in all she is doing great. Here she is, loading up on juice wearing her potty princess tiara.
And don't cha just hate it when this happens?
Wish us luck as potty training continues!
POST #2 - Scavenger Dash!
Ever seen the "Amazing Race"? Well, Kendra and I did what was basically the "Amazing Race, Tucson" yesterday. It was called Scavenger Dash, and it incorporated running and solving clues, taking pictures to prove it and racing to the next stop. I think we did great, and we had an absolute blast!
Here we are, getting ready to go! Do you notice that we match? I only ask because the guy at McDonalds thought that he should point it out, in case we had overlooked that fact.
This was, I think, our second clue. Cool!

At one point we had a "detour" where we had to choose between two tasks. We picked the one where we each had to eat 15 saltines. Without water. After running for probably 30-40 minutes at this point. Let me tell you folks, not fun!

The crocodile hunter tribute or something.

There were so many more, but I just picked a few to share. We started on 4th avenue, had clues up and down 4th, then a couple at University. One on the mall at Campbell, one at Tucson High, the rattlesnake bridge, and some downtown. Then we headed back to 4th only to realize that we missed one and had to go BACK downtown. Oh boy! It was so much fun though, and I am sore today! Thanks Sister for a super fun afternoon! And thanks also to friends Karen, Kristen, Kim and Brian who were there as well as 2 other teams.
*Update/revision - I neglected to mention that Stevie was our "phone-a-friend" in the "command center" and was, seriously, very helpful and imperative to our success. He was "Jonny on the spot" when we needed info and even ended each communication with "over!" Thanks Stevie!!!!! Oh, and there were 33 teams I think. Not just us plus two others. What can I say, I have not yet mastered this language we call English. Thanks sister for pointing that out!
Next up, POST #3 - after the scavenger dash, we had dinner at Laura and Josh's house! So fun, because Karen and Natalie and their families were there as well. The four of us girls haven't been together in ages, and now we all have families and kids and everything! We had a blast!
Here are my girls!

And here is the whole gang! This pic definitely could have been better, but 4 couples + 5 children + a camera timer + an obstacle course for Jer to get into the picture = good enough!

Oh, and also POST #3.5 - Jen P. came over for coffee this morning! She is another dear friend from high school, who I haven't seen in years. I'm not sure how we ever lost touch, but I'm so glad we are back in contact again. She lives in San Diego now, but I already can't wait to see her again. Naturally, I was so caught up in, well, catching up that I forgot to take a picture of her and I, as I had planned. Next time for sure! Thanks for coming over Jen!!
Ok... hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Kendra Forgacs said...

Couple Things:

a) Great Posts Sister!
b) Don't you love creepy middle-aged men who point out the obvious?
c) Re-read the part about the other teams in the scavenger dash...I know what you meant but it sounded as if there were only a total of 3 teams!! Kind of what we thought would happen!
d) I CANNOT BELIEVE (oh, wait, yes I can) that you put that picture of Lilly with her dress tucked into her panties on the internet. When she gets a little older she and I will get revenge on you. That's not a threat, it's a promise.

Becca said...

Looks like so much fun! How do you hear about these things? I would love to try it next year.

And... I LOVE your new look!

I agree with Kendra... Lilly might be a bit upset later in life. Just last night we showed Michael (9) the picture we had taken when he was 10 months... of him dressed as a cupid. He wasn't very happy. But we were!!!! :-)

Natalie said...

It was such a fun night. I have my post up now. I included your requested disclaimer, although I don't think it is needed.

Aren't busy and fun weekends the best? They're almost as good as lazy weekends. :)