Monday, October 12, 2009

A friend as fine as aged meat!

lol! I had a GREAT day today!
First, I got to see my grandparents for the first time in months, since they just got back from Michigan. It was a short visit, but so good to see them. I'm glad they're home!
Then, I went to lunch with my good friend Jeannette! We decided that good friends are like aged meat. Then, we decided that that sounded gross! ha!
So Jeannette and I decided that we were going to have a lazy lying lunch. It was perfect. What does it mean you ask? Well, the part about it being "lazy" should be obvious. We were there for close to 2 hours. The "lying" part... well... let's just say that we are SAYING that we ate super healthy salads and drank water, skipped dessert, etc. The reality? Well, that's our little secret!
Here is Jeannette! See, there is definitely salad on her plate!

And, a famous BJ's pizookie. Weird that someone else let us take a picture of theirs, huh? It certainly can't be ours!

I also had a picture of myself eating my yummy salad/water combo, but I had a bra issue and it just wasn't blog-able. Sorry!
I'm hanging with another good friend tomorrow (Liz!) which I'm very excited about. I do enjoy our breaks from teaching, especially when I get to catch up with friends that sometimes get (unintentionally) neglected during hectic life.
Also, kisses to my sister, who gets her wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. Good luck sis!!


Jeannette said...

Amazing how pictures of you are rarely blog-able.. hmmm, I smell a conspiracy ;o). I'm sure glad mine passed inspection but I don't remember signing a waiver so where's my black eye bar?
I had SUCH a great time with you today, let's not wait another 2 months to do it again, ok?

Your Mom said...

Interesting that after the bra issue comment you went on to talking about "hanging out" with yet another friend!

Liz said...

Yes... I am glad you realize how much you neglect me (and your other friends)!! You should know by now that you are my ONLY friend!! Haha...

Looks like you had a blast. We sooo need to do the pizookie thing next time!