Monday, October 26, 2009

Married for 60 YEARS!!!

How is that even possible? My grandparents are young, hip, fun, and still in love after 60 years of marriage! Grandma and grandpa, you are inspirational both as individuals and as a couple.
Actually, their anniversary was last week, but last night was the party thrown by my dad and his two brothers and all the wives. It was a blast!
Here are the not-so-newlyweds now!

Zac got dressed up for the occasion of course!
As did Lilly! By the end of the night (and after a couple of faceplants that resulted in hysterical laughter) she got pretty good at holding up her dress while running or dancing. My beautiful sister and her beautiful family!

Uncle Rob came (and Marv too, of course), and here he is with his little buddy Zac!

And the Plaisteds of course. I love John and Sharon!
Lilly danced the night away! She kept dragging me, Jeremy, or other partygoers onto the floor with her. It was a riot!

My mom looked great last night!
And daddy too, of course! Dad, I really like this picture of us! :)

Kendra, here is a cute one of us, except my smile is ginormous! Not that I'm not thrilled to be standing by you, but seriously!

Jeremy had to work, but got there just in time for dinner and some fun! Lilly was thrilled to have her favorite dance partner there!

My dad gave a beautiful toast!
(Grandma, unfortunately, didn't have a drink with which to toast, so someone gave her theirs at the same time as Stevie gave her Shyla's bottle. Poor grandma! And, poor Shyla!)

The secret to a happy, 60+ year marriage? Shove cake in your spouse's face as frequently as possible. Ok, maybe they didn't actually SAY that outloud, but that's what I'm taking from this picture. Jeremy, where are you? And do we have any cake?
Again, inspirational! Grandma and grandpa, I love you so much! My dad said it best in his toast when he said that you are "mom and pop" to so many people!
The brothers and wives put on one heck of a party! A lot of work went into it, and a lot of people really enjoyed it. Thanks!
On another note, today is Stevie's birthday! The birthday's just keep coming this time of year! Stevie, Kendra is one lucky lady. I mean, you are lookin' good my friend!
Happy birthday Stevie Joe! Love you!


Becca - Our Crazy Boys said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I love that Lilly goes out on the dance floor -I have to drag the boys out.

And the picture of you and Kendra is beautiful! Big smile and all!

Natalie said...

Your children are so well dressed. Seriously. Looks like a great time was had by all. I love your dress and Kendra's dress too. I'm jealous of all your fashion!

Eileen Short said...

Love your dress Chelsea!!

Kendra Forgacs said...

Fun party and 60 years is really something! Yep, my man sure knows how to pick a tie.

Suzanne said...

Looks like you had a busy, but fun weekend! Lots of celebrating and pushing to do well at the upcoming race. :)

Your Mom said...

What a fun time....I am so lucky to be a part of this wonderful and crazy family!

lady of leisure said...

Yep, the ginormous smile was in fact ginormous - but such a cute pic of you two! Looks like a blast! Where was it? It looks like a really beautiful location.