Friday, January 9, 2009


Mr. Modesty wouldn't let me take a picture of him today, so I'm using this one I took last night - Jeremy found out just this morning that he is now the assistant manager of the deli! We are so proud of him!

Lilly loves this hat, and wears it every day these days! Her little phases are so funny! Anyhow, this first picture is her favorite "posed" smile...

And here I caught her with a normal smile!

Zac's hat doesn't stay on as well, but this is a good picture of him wearing it. Doesn't he look like he is in deep thought?

We gave Zac his first real bath yesterday! We went fast and so didn't get any pictures of the bath itself, but here he is in his towel after. It wasn't his favorite moment of the day, but we got through it!


Natalie said...

Spencer used to be swallowed alive in those little hoodie towels. Now they barely stretch around his tubby tubby belly. We finally bought new, big boy towels for Christmas.

Congrats Jeremy!

Drew Thrall said...

congrats cuz-o!

Suzanne said...

Congrats out to Jeremy, and all of you! Lilly and Zac both look so sweet in their new hats. I can't keep one on Soren for the life of him1

yo said...


Mom and Dad said...

Your poor co-workers---they never saw you comming! We knew you would pass them all up.
Mom and Dad