Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1 & 23 MONTHS!

Lilly and Zac are 23 months and 1 month old, respectfully. This isn't a great picture, but it has been a crazy day! Naturally, the camera batteries were charging when Lilly was holding Zac, which would have made a much cuter pic!

Here, we are playing outside. This is minutes after Aretha Franklin sang at Obama's inauguration. Lilly saw the huge bow on her hat and HAD to put multiple bows, clips, ties, etc in her hair. This is after looking at me like I am the worst mom ever for not having a bow the appropriate size to compete with Aretha.

Back to just one bow... Lilly picked up this gift bag and informed me that it was her "purse" (a word I didn't know she knew), and proceeded to fill it with important things such as crayons, blocks, a toothbrush and her toy phone. They grow up so fast!

I really can't believe that my little boy is 1 month old and my little girl is only 1 month away from being two! Where does the time go?!?


Suzanne said...

Wow...that IS amazing! Happy one month b-day Zac and almost 2 years Lilly! I still do want to have a play date! Are you wanting to get out of the house and come this way?

Grandma Mary said...

It goes so fast! Love the bows Lilly! Zac, you are the man!

Love Grandma Mary

Natalie said...

Hmmm- I think that a GIANT bow might need to be purchased for someone's 2nd birthday. If Spencer was stranded on a desert island he would definitely need to have a toothbrush and cell phone with him. Interesting that Lilly is into those too. The will make a great couple in 2 decades.

Auntie Kendra said...

So...Lilly keeps the same things in her purse as I do. I knew there was something I liked about that kid!

The Lynar Family said...

I love it! She has a purse!!!! That's my girl!!!