Monday, January 26, 2009


What a fun afternoon! Lilly had a playdate with Soren yesterday, which gave Suzanne and I a chance to hang out and catch up a little bit. At first Lilly and Soren were both shy, which was adorable!

Here is Suzanne getting to know Zac a little better!
Lilly and Soren had a great time playing with this train - you can not imagine all the things this toy does!

Still playing. I think Lilly was saying "mine" with the toy in her right hand. She is just about 2 years old after all!

Story time!

It was a very fun time for all of us! Thanks Suzanne and Soren - we'll need to do it again soon!! We even talked about starting a "play group" with other kids! How fun!
This final picture was taken before we went to Suzanne's. Jeremy was playing with Zac and making him smile - this was the best picture I could get, but you can tell he's smiling and super happy! Jeremy has always been able to get the best smiles and belly laughs from Lilly, and it looks like he's just as much of a pro with Zac!

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Natalie said...

What a fun day! Zac is getting a little chub on him. Have you been to the pediatrician lately to see how much he weighs?
Spencer got a similar train for Christmas. He STOOD on the seat yesterday. Yikes!