Saturday, January 24, 2009


Great grandma and grandpa Palmer and cousin Kay came over for coffee and breakfast this morning. They brought a delicious blueberry coffee cake and oranges, and Kendra brought apples and muffins and apple turnovers. It was all delicious, but I'm afraid that my family is trying to sabotage my weight loss efforts!!
Grandma made new hats for Lilly and Zac! Here is Lilly's - complete with bows since she loves bows so much!!

Here is Zac with his new hat!!
Here is grandma, Kay, and grandpa Pop!

Grandma holding Zac, and Kendra in the background - she is still glowing! :)

And my parents with Lilly, and Pop looking on!

Poor Jeremy had to work this morning, but here is a picture of him with the kids taken a day or two ago... Lilly loves to hold Zac!

Thanks again for the yummy breakfast and the great company, not to mention the new hats! We love you all!!

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Your Mom said...

Thank you for a fun and delicious Saturday morning!!!