Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Friday was my mom's birthday!
So, we had the traditional loud and chaotic party at my parents' house on Saturday.
I forgot my camera, naturally, so I snapped some pics on my phone. This first picture is of my dad at his seat at the table. Notice... no table. My family is nuts.

You thought THAT was nuts, check out my mom's birthday cake!

The bottom layer was a frozen Snickers cake - slightly melted.
The middle is a half eaten hamburger.
The top is a cupcake with a toy popsicle sticking out of it.

I blame Stevie.

Time to blow out the candle!
Mom, happy birthday!
I'm so sorry that you always have to do all the work at parties. Even your own. And I'm sorry that your cake was... well... see above.
Thank you for being the best mom and grandma. We love you so much!


Natalie said...

I think it sounds better if you just call it an avant garde birthday cake. Then it's kind of cool and artsy.

In that 1st picture I was trying to figure out who the little boy was. Then I realized it was Zac. His short hair makes him seem to much older.

Your Mom said...

It was a wonderful birthday! And my retro cake was delicious!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday to you, Mrs. Palmer!

That birthday cake is something else, but oddly appealing! lol

Suzanne said...

Happy b-day Robin!