Friday, August 20, 2010

The 20th!

Happy 20th!

Boy oh boy have I been a bad blogger lately. School started up and I have been beyond busy. It's great though, I'm learning a lot.

Anyhow, on to the message of the day... The 20TH!

My sincere apologies if you have seen these pics. I do plan on getting better, again, about taking and posting pics. For now though, my friends, these will have to do. These were not taken on the exact 20th... but pretty close.

Lilly had a crown, so Zac had to have a crown. His may or may not look more like a chef's hat, but whatever.

Zac and Shyla in the tunnel! Shyla had tubes put in her ears yesterday, so we are all hoping for NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS! Poor little thing! And her poor mommy and daddy too!

Love these kids!


Your Mom said...

Finally a blog post by my wayward daughter! Can"t miss a 20th no matter what! Zac looks like he could mix up a mean batch o' muffins in that hat!

Mary and Dave said...

Looks like everyone had a happy 20th! We've been thinking of you Chelsea as you start your new position and wish you all the best!
Love, Mary and Dave

Suzanne said...

Can never get enough of those cuties!