Monday, August 30, 2010

Just the kids!

Boy oh boy between work and now Lasik, I have been really struggling to find time and balance! For now, here are a couple pics of some really cute kids!

Here they are, ready to go somewhere.
They are so cute on the bike together! Funny - Lilly got SO mad when she couldn't wear this halter top to school today because it was dirty. She has the exact same one in orange, which was only barely (and grumpyly) acceptable. Boy oh boy do we have our hands full!


Natalie said...

My fav part about the 1st picture is the garbage can. It's just oh so real to life. No fake staged pictures in the Yager family.

Maryellen said...

I'm brave and leaving a comment. Natalie told me today about the bloggers at her party. I've been on your site before. I'll definitely check it out more often. I LOVE the picture of your cuties biking. Adorable!