Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She's 4!!! (You know, it's a 20th post!)

She. Is. Four.
I know this goes without saying, but I really, really can't believe she is four. Sunday was her real birthday, plus her party day. Always nice to have a "two-fer."

We started with breakfast at my parents' house. Lilly insisted on wearing the same dress that she wore last year. I should put some "flashback" photos here, but there are too many. So... you really should click HERE to see last year's post. Seriously. Do it. I'll wait.

Back? Pretty amazing huh? Anyhow, Lilly wore the same dress, but with leggings and boots. Add a similar, but new, tiara, and we have our birthday girl. What can I say? The girl loves accessorizing!

Shya and Zac enjoyed breakfast too!

Lilly loved her new scooter from Jeremy. I think it was the hit! Speaking of "hitting"... looks like a collision occurred. Hmmm... she seems pretty happy about it though! Silly!

More pics from the breakfast! (Somehow, I missed pics of Jeremy and of my mom. But Kendra took pics on her good camera, so I'm hoping there are some there!)

My "ghetto fabulous" sister.

Like mother like son.

After breakfast, we came home to rest. Then, a quick wardrobe change. This picture shows her new tiara. That's right, it was a "two tiara day." This one had the number 4 on it, which she really wanted.

And this shows her adorable dress, and Zac yawning in the background, which I'm sure he'll do often while his sister shows off new outfits.

And... we were off to Peter Piper Pizza! I had hoped to have her party at our house again, but turns out age 4 is when kids start having, like, opinions and stuff. Lilly asked months ago to have her party at PPP, so we went with it.

She got to make her own pizza (with help from daddy)

She had a really cool princess cake.

After tons of playing, pizza, cake, and fun, it was time to head home. This was the scene minutes after getting home.

God I love her.

After she woke up we had some snacks and explored our new toys! We were also very excited to chat with grandma and grandpa Yager, Aunt Jenn and Uncle John that evening.
Birthdays are the best!

Here are a few bonus pictures of Zac and Shyla, from Monday, when daycare was closed, so I took the day off and stayed home with all three kids. It was SO much fun, and very exhausting!

Happy happy birthday to my sweet sweet girl. I'm in awe of her.


Natalie said...

It was a great day and party. I did check out the flashback. What's crazy is that I have vivid memories of her 2nd birthday party too.

Yep... we said it. said...

Awh... I love that picture of her sleeping on the couch.

Jeannette said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I was getting pretty close to nagging you to post. :oP The pictures of Zac yawning and Lilly conked out on the couch are priceless! Love them and love you! Repeat after me: Spring is coming, Spring is coming! :o)

Megan said...

You will be glad to know that I did take a flashback to her last birthday. I didn't really need to because I was privately blog stocking you back then! Happy 4th Birthday Miss Lilly! What a wonderful year this will be!

Kendra Forgacs said...

I adore the picture of Zac yawning. Classic. Oh, and the picture of me too. Thanks for posting that.

Suzanne said...

I just LOVE the one of her flaunting her outfit and Zac yawning. That is ia keeper! She's a beautiful little lady, that is for certain!

Your Mom said...

Yay! Finally a 20th post! What a fun and exhausting day! Can't believe I have a 4 yr old Granddaughter!

Dan said...

Holy moly, I can't believe she's 4!! I still remember Kendra being so excited that you were pregnant and she was going to be an aunt...and that definitely does not seem like it was 4 years ago! Yay birthday girl = ) and Yay mommy for a great birthday day!

Dan said...

Okay, have to clarify, it's me, Erin, not Dan...though he does get all blog updates through me = ) I didn't realize I was signed into his account! Haha, just checking in on all the emails from his girlfriends and all ; )

Anonymous said...

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