Sunday, March 20, 2011

The 20th... on time!

The 20th again... and this time, I'm on time with the post!
(You can thank my mom, and her never ending harassment.)

This first photo was taken on the morning of St. Patrick's Day. We clearly had not done hair yet (sheesh, Lilly!), but the kids were very excited that some mischievous leprechauns had visited us overnight. They gave us each kisses, which we knew because they left green hearts on our hands. They also turned our milk green and our pancakes green. It was pretty silly, to say the least.

The weather has been gorgeous, which means lots of outside playtime! This, of course, leads to scrapes and bruises.
My parents are redoing their living room, so my dad thought it would be funny to pretend he was a picture of himself, using this huge frame. Once the kids figured out it was him, they wanted to pretend they were a picture too.
Yesterday, Lilly got to go to her friend, Olivia's, birthday party. I was so proud of her writing (and drawing) on the card she picked out.
Ready to party!
Handsome boy! Kendra was so nice and volunteered to watch Zac while I took Lilly to the party! Thanks sister!
Lilly had a blast at the party, and was very well behaved. Also, she rocked the pinata!
And, today. We have done NOTHING but play outside this morning, up until nap/rest time. We played in the backyard, then took the bike and scooter for a spin around the neighborhood. Then, back to the backyard. They wanted to take another walk, this time without their vehicles.
Oh My God Aren't They Cute Holding Hands!?!

Please know that they held hands for all of 12 seconds. Still, it was super cute, and I caught some on camera. Win!


Your MOM said...

Yay!! On time 20th blog..I love it and I love all my 20th grand-babies!! It is great to have a birthday every month without actually getting older!

Kendra Forgacs said...

How did I not know about dad and the picture frame! Too funny!

Natalie said...

My favorite part about this post: the picture in the frame, because Lilly is wearing a shirt that is at least 47 times too big and you can see 2% of her skin, but Zac has no pants on and is showing a lot of skin.

I find it to be very funny.

Kristi said...

I really loved your photos and going through them with you. Your kids are adorable! :)
The picture of your dad & kids within a "picture" is classic! I think I'd frame that one!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting.
Be blessed~

Suzanne said...

They are entirely cute no matter whether they are holding hands or not. you have such a beautiful family (including yourself)! Isn't it just great having this awesome weather? We've done two lunch picnics outside. Hey, maybe we should all meet at a park coming up and bring picnic lunches for the kids (and ourselves)?