Saturday, January 22, 2011

20th - yep, late again!

I'm not even going to bother apologizing. I'm busy. Ha!

I did manage to snap one great pic on the 20th! When Zac didn't want to wake up, Lilly asked to get into his crib with him. Then, she laid down and he decided it was ok to get up after all!

You'll notice... we're still VERY into our blankies (specifically this baseball blankie) and our thumb.

These two were taken at breakfast today. More about that at Vicarious Chelsea on Monday.

Last weekend, my great friend Andrea came to town from las Vegas! Here she is with the kids at Sabino Canyon. We had lots of great time with the kids...

... and without. My parents watched the kids on Saturday night so that Andrea and I could go to dinner with friends and then enjoy wine, chocolate, and a chick flick!
Finally, a fun shot of all three 20th babies!
Time is flying.


Natalie said...

I love how they're all lined up by size at the piano. Cute!

You're making me want to go to Sabino Canyon. Maybe when we're there for Lilly's b-day.

Suzanne said...

Here's hoping for a 4th 20th baby too!

Your Mom said...

YAY 20th! I so want a copy of the piano picture too!