Monday, September 20, 2010

The 20th!

How is it possibly the 20th already?

Lilly... today you are 3 years and 7 months old. You are independent and outspoken. You are very chatty and very animated. You like to be Dora more often than Lilly, but sometimes you prefer to be Diego or "older Dora." You love your brother, but you start asking around 6pm when he's going to bed. You also wake up earlier on weekends than during the week. We need to discuss that, at your leisure.

Zac... today you are 1 year and 9 months old. You are also independent and outspoken. You are learning new words daily, and you now love reading and books. Your favorite animal, by far, is the dinosaur. You are testing. Testing everyone and everything. You frustrate easily, and loudly. And yet every night we cuddle before you go to bed. You are truly a very sweet and caring boy.

Shyla... I don't have a picture of you from this week. That means it's time to take more pictures. Today you are 1 year and 4 months old. You are really starting to hold you own with Zac. The tubes in your ears mean you haven't had any infections lately, which is wonderful. I do wish you would stop crying every time your mommy takes Pancake for a walk though. Your daddy isn't that bad.

In other news... Jeremy took me out on a date last night! Naturally, I forgot the camera and my phone took only a grainy picture because of the lighting. Still, it was a wonderful dinner at Curuso's. Delicious food and good conversation. Thank you so much to my mom for watching the kids. And, thank you to my handsome hubby for a great evening!

Happy 20th!


One Red Daisy said...

I love your reflection on the kids. I may have to steal that style for scrapping (haven't done that in soooo long!) or blogging. Glad you got a date night. So deserved!

Natalie said...

You know who else was recently born on the 20th? Baby Jacob. He's 5 months old! OK- not incredibly recently, but still...

I love that 75% of the kids I know were born on the 20th.

Cute pics.